5 Smart Upgrades That Increase the Resale Value of Your Central Florida Home

5 Smart Upgrades That Increase the Resale Value of Your Central Florida Home

With each passing year, more and more homeowners add smart features to their homes. Voice assistants, smart locks, and security cameras are popular smart technologies that have seen immense popularity.

Maybe you have been asking, “How can I sell my house fast in Central Florida for top dollar?” One way is to add smart upgrades to your home. Real estate prices are on the rise, and with plenty of buyers, there is a massive shortage of properties. In Central Florida, the market is tilted in favor of home sellers. Adding technology is another way to tip the scales further in your favor and sell your home for the most significant profits.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home right away, adding technology to your home can give you added safety, convenience, and comfort. Here are some of the best smart home upgrades you may want to consider.

Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats have been in use since the 1950s. The problem with these standard clock-type thermostats is that they are challenging to use and not very accurate. New-age thermostats are easy to use, and you can adjust your home’s temperature by tapping on your phone. The best part is that smart thermostats are energy-efficient and offer you significant cost savings in energy bills annually.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Installing a smart smoke detector can help you cut down on home insurance premiums and impress potential buyers as they are assured of the safety of the property. The latest generation smoke detectors not only alert you when it senses a fire but also monitor indoor air quality and carbon monoxide. They can help prevent fatalities.

Smart Locks

Nothing is as frustrating as fumbling in your pocket to find your home key, especially when you’re loaded down with large shopping bags in each hand. With a smart lock, you don’t have to carry around a key anymore. You can unlock the door using your fingerprint or lock code. Bluetooth-enabled door locks automatically detect your smartphone when you arrive home and open the door as soon as you step on the porch. You can program these devices to allow selected guests to enter your home for a specific period.

Smart Sprinklers

These are a must-have, especially during hot Central Florida summers. You can program a smart sprinkler with your smartphone to turn on and off at certain times. These settings can help you save water and reduce your utility bills. You can automatically adjust the water levels to match the season and type of plants.

Smart Lighting

Energy Star reports that the average cost of lighting a home is around 12% of the total energy bill. With smart lighting, you can reduce your energy bills by quickly turning lights on and off with your smartphones. These lights can also be adjusted to glow brighter at specific times. For example, they can be brighter as soon as you wake up or switch off automatically at night. Additionally, these lights come with motion detectors that turn on automatically when it detects movement, making them an excellent choice for yards and outdoors.

So, Is Adding Smart Features a Smart Decision?

The short answer is a resounding yes! By adding smart technology to your home, you create a modern and upgraded home that appeals to potential buyers, helping you increase the resale value of your property. If you want to sell your house the easy way in Central Florida, consider giving your home a smart facelift to impress potential buyers and earn top dollar.

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